About Membership

Membership Categories

Membership in the North Carolina Airports Association is open to three categories of airport professional. These categories and the membership requirements are listed below. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us directly.

Airport Executive

An individual employed as staff, or a member of the governing body, of a North Carolina airport may become an Executive Member (voting member) of the Association. There may be only one (1) Executive Member per airport.

Professional Member

Open to individuals employed as staff by or directly associated with the management or operation of a North Carolina Public Airport (including additional Airport Staff, Commission or Authority Board Members). The Professional Member is a non-voting membership.


Open to Professionals employed by Firms lending support to the individuals employed by North Carolina Public Airports. The Affiliate memberships are non-voting.

To apply for membership, please complete the online application form (click here). You may also download and complete a PDF application and submit it in hard copy. The address for submission of a hard copy application is included on the application form.