2019-2020 Appointments

Much of the work of the North Carolina Airports Association is conducted by the membership serving on the various committees. The table below contains the current list of committees and the members who are currently serving in the committee roles. These appointments are updated annual and as positions change due to personnel moves.

Conference Committee

Conference Chairman   Chris White
    Phil Lanier
    Ron Jewitt
    Bob Heuts
    Lisa Edwards
Conference Sponsorship Chairman    
    Lisa Edwards
    Tina Kinsey
    Julie Wilsey
Conference Student Participation   John Ferguson

Finance Committee

Chairman   Eddie Madden
    Andrew Shorter

Audit Committee

    Chris White

Nominating Committee

Chairman   Tina Kinsey
    Dan Danieley
    Toney Coleman

Legislative Committee

Co-Chairman, State   Chris White
Co-Chairman, Federal   Julie Wilsey
    Dan Danieley
    Andrew Shorter

Scholarship/Educational Foundation Committee

Chairman   John Ferguson
    Dion Viventi

Workshop Planning Committee

Region One Chairman   Julie Wilsey
Region One   Howie Franklin
Region One   Dion Viventi
Region Two Chairman   Ron Jewett
Region Two   Bob Heuts
Region Two   Phil Lanier
Region Three Chairman   Mark Davidson
Region Three   John Ferguson
Region Three   Peter Cevallos

Handbook Review Committee

Chairman   Toney Coleman
Committee Members   Phil Lanier
    Bobby Walston

Executive Planning Committee (Strategic Planning)

Chairman   Andrew Shorter
    Chris White
    Eddie Madden